What’s Your Legacy?

I recently attended a new small group for the first time. Before I walked up to the host’s front door, I had to give myself a little pep talk in the car. “Just smile. That’s all you have to do this time. Smile.” Being an introvert means having an aversion to walking into a room […]

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What Defines You?

I am  a 2 on the Enneagram, a melancholic-phlegmatic and an INTJ. When it comes to learning, I am a visual and kinesthetic learner whose top intelligences are music and interpersonal. On the right brain/left brain test I land dead center.  According to Strengths Finder, my top 5 strengths are Empathy, Individualizer, Developer, Belief and Relater. […]

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The Gospel and Bruno Mars

For years now I’ve expressed frustration over the fact that so many musical artists release Christmas albums, but there are very few Easter albums (if any). The problem with this is that without Easter (Resurrection Day is my preferred terminology), Christmas would just be the celebration of another martyr. Bruno Mars didn’t release an Easter […]

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How the Gospel Applies to Math

I know. I know. It’s Spring Break. You either: A. Don’t want to think about the math homework you’re putting off. B. Have finished school and would rather not look at another math problem again. C. Want to know the rest of the equation in the picture because you think you can solve it. There’s […]

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