The Gospel and Bruno Mars

For years now I’ve expressed frustration over the fact that so many musical artists release Christmas albums, but there are very few Easter albums (if any). The problem with this is that without Easter (Resurrection Day is my preferred terminology), Christmas would just be the celebration of another martyr. Bruno Mars didn’t release an Easter […]

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Snow and the Gospel

I’ve spent most of my life in Texas, where snow is on the endangered species list. In this state, snow is synonymous with school closings, a day off, over-enthusiastic meteorologists and bad roads. Those who have never lived here have difficulty understanding why entire cities shut down with just a couple of inches of snow. […]

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Denzel and The Gospel

Sometimes Hollywood gets it right… even when they aren’t depicting a historic event like Argo, Zero Dark Thirty or Lincoln. Sometimes they get it right without even realizing the spiritual depth they are reaching. John Q was nowhere near the caliber of an Academy Award nominated film. The story was driven more by a desire […]

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