The blog I planned to post today was written last night after I watched the 20/20 special on Steubenville. It’s really long and needs to be edited so that the gospel shines through more than my anger. Thankful that grace provides additional time and prevents me from clicking “publish” too soon. Stay tuned…

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Giving Up

It was the first time I’d heard her story, and I quickly realized that I am a slug. Slugs should not be confused with the cute, furry creatures with long fingernails known as sloths. Slugs are slimy, belly crawlers that leave a trail of residue resembling the shirt sleeve of a kindergartner. It’s not a […]

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Storms Pt. 3

Since those memorable stormy occasions from my childhood, weather technology has improved and I’ve managed to stay sane through grapefruit sized hailstones falling through the skylights at the local mall, a tornado near a nuclear power plant when I was responsible for five teenagers’ lives and I watched on television as a tornado ripped through […]

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Gospel Infographic

  Because society has become so visually oriented, infographics are intended to present multiple pieces of information in a simple and concise manner. Today you learned something about technology AND the gospel. 🙂      

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The countdown is over

Nineteen days ago I posted a countdown on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for a couple of reasons. The first being to make me actually post the blog. It’s been on the back burner for so long in the “someday” file that I knew it would never happen if I didn’t announce it publicly. What’s […]

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