Storms Pt. 2

The winds picked up. The rain continued to blow sideways. Two tall pine trees in our front yard were uprooted. Uprooted! Like the wind was pulling weeds. We had to raise our voices in the closet under the stairs to be able to hear each other over the sound of the wind and rain. (If […]

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Storms Pt. 1

We lived in Lubbock, Texas until I was six. Our house was one of the few in the neighborhood with a storm cellar. The panhandle of Texas has a bit of a tornado problem. I didn’t see it as such in my childhood. To me, tornado warnings meant getting to go down in the cellar […]

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Snow and the Gospel

I’ve spent most of my life in Texas, where snow is on the endangered species list. In this state, snow is synonymous with school closings, a day off, over-enthusiastic meteorologists and bad roads. Those who have never lived here have difficulty understanding why entire cities shut down with just a couple of inches of snow. […]

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Scars Pt. 3

If you’ve missed the posts from the past two days, you’ll want to read those first. They’re the prequels, if you will, to this post. The nurse at the doctor’s office was too paranoid to give advice over the phone, and I wasn’t sure when my last tetanus shot had been, so I ended up […]

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Scars Pt. 2

Yesterday’s post ended with me about to faint after slicing my finger while opening a can of peas. I had just yanked the dishrag off and re-opened the wound when everything started going hazy again. Our story continues there… I reapplied pressure and put my hand on top of my head again as I made […]

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Scars Pt. 1

I’ve always had a weak stomach. In fact, before I was even old enough to go to school, I watched the following segment of Sesame Street and then proceeded to vomit. Yes, really. (I got light-headed watching it again just now.)   I tell you that fun fact because it plays in to the story […]

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