Believe Me

  I don’t consider myself a movie critic. When I watch a movie, I do so to be entertained. Rarely do I notice camera angles or special effects. I’m too busy watching the story and waiting to see what happens next. I love to be motivated or inspired (a la 42), to laugh (a la […]

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What’s Your Legacy?

I recently attended a new small group for the first time. Before I walked up to the host’s front door, I had to give myself a little pep talk in the car. “Just smile. That’s all you have to do this time. Smile.” Being an introvert means having an aversion to walking into a room […]

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I rarely write movie reviews. In fact, I consider myself to be cinema challenged. Only recently have I paid much attention to how movies are made or the artistic value necessary to their creation. I just watch to be entertained. This past year, though, I set a goal to see all nine of the movies […]

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