The Gospel for Caregivers

More and more of my friends are arriving at a season of life I entered a decade ago. Unlike other stages of life, people don’t dream of this life stage. Many dread it. It’s not stored in anyone’s hope chest or added to a bucket list. It just happens–sometimes gradually and sometimes all at once–at least […]

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A Mother’s Day Conundrum

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to get harder and harder to come up with good Mother’s Day gift ideas as we get older. I mean, isn’t it just like Life to get us to a point of true appreciation at the same time our mothers arrive at the point of “I don’t need […]

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Letter to a Newborn

Welcome to the world, Rhyan! I know it’s not as cozy as where you’ve been, but you’ll get used to it. You’ve had a rough morning; I could tell from your picture. I’m not a big fan of mornings either. Why am I awake, you ask? Well, I just haven’t gone to sleep for the […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom was notorious for waking us up with a good morning song. “Good morning to you. Good morning to you…” It was to the tune of Happy Birthday. It would be stuck in my head for far too long during the day. But it was preferable to the following song that she could have […]

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Storms Pt. 2

The winds picked up. The rain continued to blow sideways. Two tall pine trees in our front yard were uprooted. Uprooted! Like the wind was pulling weeds. We had to raise our voices in the closet under the stairs to be able to hear each other over the sound of the wind and rain. (If […]

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