Dare to Care

With the help of a neighbor who heard her scream, Amanda Berry escaped after ten years of captivity. In the house, police found chains and ropes that bound Berry and two other victims. The three women had been missing for years, held hostage by three brothers who raped and beat them repeatedly throughout their capture. Berry […]

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The Gospel and Blogging

A big shout out to those of you who have enthusiastically asked, “What happened to your blog?” which I interpreted to mean “I’ve missed reading your blog posts. When will you write again?” Potato, potahto… My answer to that question has been some variety of the following two reasons: 1) I’m slacking, and 2) I […]

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The Gospel and Politics

(Note: this post was composed last fall, as you will discover from the verb tenses when you read.) After the first debate of the 2012 Presidential election, the primary topic of discussion among Americans (at least online) afterwards was Big Bird. This is not a political post, not in the sense that I will be […]

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Denzel and The Gospel

Sometimes Hollywood gets it right… even when they aren’t depicting a historic event like Argo, Zero Dark Thirty or Lincoln. Sometimes they get it right without even realizing the spiritual depth they are reaching. John Q was nowhere near the caliber of an Academy Award nominated film. The story was driven more by a desire […]

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