Woes, Wow and a Widow

As Jesus’ last week progressed, it became more and more obvious He wasn’t messing around. He’d already thrown the money changers out of the temple (with whips and some furniture moving, so to speak) and cursed a fig tree. Now He took aim at the Pharisees and Sadducees. Woes When I was a little girl, […]

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How the Gospel Applies to Math

I know. I know. It’s Spring Break. You either: A. Don’t want to think about the math homework you’re putting off. B. Have finished school and would rather not look at another math problem again. C. Want to know the rest of the equation in the picture because you think you can solve it. There’s […]

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Committee Meetings and the Gospel

Running late with today’s post. My apologies. Mom called this morning to make sure I was alive. Guess that means I’ve set a precedent for the posts going live early every morning. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program… Meetings are a necessary boredom that must be endured for the sake of communication, […]

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