Summer Reading Reviews

I’ve slacked off on my reading this summer. The year started off with a bang at a pace of about a book a week. It’s since slowed to the crawl of an illiterate Netflix binger. (I’m neither.) I blame summer… and a new job. That being said, I did read a couple of books mailed to me for review. (That’s a disclaimer for those of you who aren’t paying attention. They mail me free books. I write free and honest reviews. No money changes hands; just paperbacks.)

The first was Todd Wynward‘s Rewinding the Way. I like the idea of following an untamed God, journeying off the beaten path. I like Todd’s boldness in living out what he writes. I liked the latter half of the book when he talks about living simply and caring for creation. He offers some practical tips for those willing to jump in with both feet. However, I struggled with his hermeneutics in the early chapters, feeling as though he was looking for things that weren’t there. All in all it’s a decent read for folks who want to hear from God while living off the grid.

The second was The Seed: A True MythThe Seed: A True Myth by Erik Guzman. I love allegories so I was pretty stoked to start this one. It started off with a bang — beautiful, descriptive language; heart-racing action; and back stories that would make any empathic person tear up. But when people turned into trees, he lost me. Granted, I’m not a big fantasy reader or sci-fi aficionado, but the story got so bizarre that I quit reading. I just couldn’t follow the plot any more. Sorry, Erik. I give the first chapter two thumbs up, though. (For the record, I read far beyond the first chapter.)