Believe Me


I don’t consider myself a movie critic. When I watch a movie, I do so to be entertained. Rarely do I notice camera angles or special effects. I’m too busy watching the story and waiting to see what happens next. I love to be motivated or inspired (a la 42), to laugh (a la The Heat), or to lose myself in a fictional land of make believe (a la Harry Potter or The Avengers).

Earlier this week, a friend invited me to see a sneak preview of Believe Me. It’s a film created by Christians, so I have to admit my expectations were low. Facing the Giants made me hang my head in shame, and don’t even get me started on the Left Behind movies. I had a celebrity crush on Kirk Cameron just like every other normal girl who grew up in the 80s, but even he can’t inspire me to watch something so cringe-inducing.

Believe Me was not what I expected. In a good way.

It had a firm grasp of Christian culture and made fun of it without disrespecting the faith on which it’s based. It presented characters who remained true to themselves. It brought up questions that need to be addressed without providing pat answers. It told a story, made me laugh and left me with some things to think about. I’d love to say more, but to do so would spoil it for you. Go see the movie. It opens in theaters and on demand today! We can talk more about it in the comments section after you’ve seen it.