Which Day of the Week Are You?

timeIf you have a Facebook account and have somehow managed to miss all the Buzzfeed quizzes, the title of this post may be lost on you. I happen to enjoy the quizzes, even though it’s obvious they have zero authority, no research to back them and are written by amateurs who have yet to learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. The questionnaires are purely entertainment, like the quizzes we used to take in magazines that could somehow assess what kind of kisser we were by asking just the right multiple choice questions. Results could range from:

  • You kiss like a dog (all slobber)
  • You kiss like my grandma (minty breath with pursed lips coated in bright pink lipstick)
  • Your kiss is the one the artist formerly known as Prince sang about
  • Like Judas, your kiss is an act of betrayal

It’s been almost a month since Easter, since Holy Week, since we judged Judas for betraying Jesus with a kiss. Just one month and I wonder if we’re living out the same somber celebration, knowing that Jesus is *still* alive, death is *still* conquered and our sin continues to be what cost Jesus His life.

Easter is my favorite holiday, and every year I get frustrated that musicians do not release Resurrection CDs like they do Christmas albums, that radio stations don’t play Easter music throughout the Lenten season. This year, I told myself I was going to create a mashup that combines party (read: celebration) music with songs that talk about the Resurrection. It’s been almost a month and I still only have a brainstormed list and no mashup.

Another crazy thing about Easter is that the date changes from year to year. Unlike Christmas, I actually have to look up the date for Easter. I think God had a hand in that. It’s a subtle reminder that the joys of Resurrection morning are not limited to a calendar day, but should be celebrated every day. The everyday gospel, if you will…

So, if this was a Buzzfeed quiz and in light of the enduring truths of the days leading up to Easter, which day of Holy Week would your life most resemble?

Maundy Thursday — Like Peter, your passion leads you to boast arrogant commitment, but when push comes to shove and you feel cornered, you deny any association with the Savior.

(Good) Friday — Where is this new kingdom Jesus talked about? You feel like sin has won, that death gets the final word, so what’s the point of it all?

Saturday — The man you believed to be the Messiah lies in a tomb, so all of life seems dark and hopeless. The story ends at the grave.

Sunday — Your life is marked by new beginnings, joy and celebration! You believe Jesus’ promises even in the darkest of circumstances, because you know He has defeated sin and death. You live out the gospel victoriously and with hope.

I know which day mirrors my life, and I know which day I’d rather it reflect. So thankful these quizzes aren’t the final answer and that the results are not permanent.