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Restore Her House


27,000,000 slaves in bondage today, more than any other time in history. No, it’s not legal, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. Lives trapped in seemingly hopeless situations in

  • fields
  • factories
  • workshops
  • brothels

Forced to give up their hopes, dreams and freedoms so somebody else can make a profit. Why don’t they “just leave”? Because threats, abuse, deprivation and other forms of manipulative behavior is very persuasive, especially when you’re a child.

That’s right. Children. The average age of a human trafficking victim around the world is 12. Most are girls who are sexually exploited, prostituted for a pimp’s gain. Lest you think that is a problem in “other parts of the world”, let me assure you that it happens here in the “land of the free”. Some are shipped here from other countries as mere exports while others are enslaved by their fellow Americans. Why does it happen here? Because there is a market for it. Because Americans are rich compared to most of the world. Because many people don’t know it happens, when to suspect it, or what to do to change it.

Large events like political conventions (pick a party; doesn’t matter which one), sporting championships (SuperBowl, World Series, etc.), and others are when the supply for such slaves is in the highest demand. Some girls are forced to service up to 40 clients each day. It happens in our own backyard. That’s not okay.

This is the broken world in which we live. The world Christ died to save. The world in which He sends us to make disciples, to speak freedom to captives and hope to those in despair.

I know a couple who has given their lives to do something to help girls from these types of circumstances. They provide a safe place for the girls to discover who they are, to heal, to learn and to grow. Currently there is a waiting list of girls who need to be in this kind of environment. Unfortunately, there is no room for them at this time. Both houses they have are at capacity. They are in the process of raising the money to build a third house. Chances are that house will be full soon after it’s built.

That’s where you and I step in. As much as I would like to kick in the teeth of some pimps and hug some broken girls, that is not where God has placed me. I can, however, support this ministry of the gospel of Christ. I don’t have a lot of money, but I have ideas. Some of you don’t have any ideas but you have money. Let’s help my friends finish the funding of the third house and start working on a fourth. For more information about the ministry and the need, visit Restore Her House. I may never meet these girls in person, but I can help them know they are loved. I may not have enough money to donate to save a girl from the streets, but I can scrounge and ask others to scrounge, too.

I mentioned having ideas. Here’s one. I’m going to do my own personal fundraiser for this organization. They haven’t asked me to do so. I don’t work for them. But I know them, I’m aware of the need, and I want to support the spread of the gospel. Here’s what my personal fundraiser looks like: For the right amount of money (all of which will be donated to Restore Her House), I will do some downright crazy stuff. What would you like to see me do, and how much are you willing to pay to make that happen for a good cause? These are my ideas (and suggested prices) to start with:

  • For a $9000 donation (which would save 6 girls out of trafficking), I will bungee jump. Note: you have to cover the cost of the bungee jumping, too.
  • For a $4500 donation (which would save 3 girls), I will get a tattoo. I get to choose the picture and the location (it will be visible), but you pay for the tat.
  • For a $1000 donation (2 rooms in the new house), I will dye my hair the color of your choice and keep it for at least a week. Again, you pay for the color. I told y’all; I don’t have a lot of money.
  • For a $500 donation (1 room in the house), I will go all summer without shaving my legs.
  • For a $500 donation (1 room in the house), I will sleep in my car for a week.
  • For a $100 donation, I will wear an Aggie t-shirt for an entire Saturday during college football season. (I should charge more than that, but since the house is near Bryan…!)
  • For a $100 donation, I will create and post a slideshow of embarrassing photos from my life. For $50 more, you can help choose the pictures. For $100 more, you can choose the pictures and I won’t offer any explanations for what was happening in them.
  • For a $50 donation, I will write a story about you.
  • For $50/hour I will perform odd jobs around your house or yard.
  • For $20/hour I will run errands for you.

I’m open to other ideas if the price is right.

Sometimes living out the gospel means building houses for exploited kids; sometimes it means acting like a fool to get those houses built. Spread the word.

2 thoughts on “Those Who Live the Gospel–Restore Her House

  1. Did you already give info on how to make a donation? I wish I could afford to make one that would be enough for you NOT to get a tattoo! This subject has been on my heart since I was living in Oklahoma because that was one of the corridors that is used for the trafficking . So proud of you and what you are doing to get the word out. Love you!

    1. To donate directly, just visit the website I mentioned. To donate to make me do something crazy, send a check made out to Restore Her House to me at PO Box 101533 Fort Worth, TX 76185.

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