The Gospel and Blogging

A big shout out to those of you who have enthusiastically asked, “What happened to your blog?” which I interpreted to mean “I’ve missed reading your blog posts. When will you write again?”

Potato, potahto…

My answer to that question has been some variety of the following two reasons: 1) I’m slacking, and 2) I got bogged down by current events. Both are accurate.

When news of Matthew Warren’s suicide came to light, I wanted to write a post about the gospel and suicide/mental illness. I began to realize that it would be more like a book, and since some of you struggle to get through 500 words, I doubted 500 pages of “to be continued” would fly.

Then I had a birthday and spent more time celebrating life than I did looking at a keyboard. Fortunately, I have friends who humored my odd wishes: kickball, snow cones and a night on the town in the form of Tex-Mex and hot cocoa.

Side note: in Texas, you can get a sunburn playing kickball in the afternoon and be cold enough that evening to sit by a fire pit with hot cocoa. I can’t explain why the sunburn exaggerates the chilliness but the fire doesn’t aggravate the sunburn. It doesn’t make sense. Then again, there are many things in my state that don’t make sense… Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, for example.

There were explosions in Boston. Then there was an explosion in West. Manhunts, search and recovery… so much darkness that needed the light of the gospel. Fortunately, the gospel is not reliant upon my blog posts.

Yes, I believe grace is big enough to cover suicide and bombings. I believe hope exists where life no longer does. And I believe the gospel applies to days at the park as well as days without blog posts. Every day.

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  1. Well said. Can’t tell you how many times I felt the sadness and darkness closing in and had to just stop and pray.

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