One Month Later… and some Technology Tutoring

It’s already been one month. Can you believe it? One month ago today, the countdown was over and The Everyday Gospel was launched. You, my faithful readers, have been kind, civil and encouraging, so I thought I would share a state-of-the-blog post, by the numbers.

  • 1642–the number of times this blog has been viewed in the past month.
  • 66–the number of times my readers have shared a post from my blog with others using social media.
  • 59–the number of “likes” I’ve received from fellow bloggers, most of whom I’ve never met. S/O to my new blog friends!
  • 33– the number of email followers I have currently.
  • 31–the average number of times this blog is viewed on a given day.
  • 28–the number of posts I’ve made public before this one.
  • 23–the number of comments my readers have left on posts.
  • 6–the number of countries that have viewed the blog more than once. S/O international readers!!
  • 5ish–the number of blog topic suggestions my brother has made. So far.

In addition to the statistics, I’ve learned a few things about some of my less technological readers. Here are some lessons for others of you who may have been too shy to ask:

  • You cannot “like” a post on my blog page unless you’re a blogger or sign up for a blog account. Sorry. You CAN, however, “like” the link when I post it on Facebook.FB like
  • You can share any post if you have other social media accounts simply by clicking on the icon of that social media site at the end of the post. It will give you the option of writing a few words of your own for your Facebook friends to see before you click “share”, but you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to. You can also share to your Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, Tumblr, etc…Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 2.48.29 AM
  • Following my blog is different than following me on Facebook. (Note: I reference Facebook most because that’s the site with which most people are familiar.) My blog updates will show up either in your email or on an RSS reader. If you don’t know what RSS means, stick with subscribing via email. (Or stretch yourself a bit and Google it ;))
  • You should be able to comment on any post, even if you are not a blogger or don’t follow the blog. The comment form will ask for your email address. Don’t fret. I’m the only one who sees it, and I use it primarily to identify who you are. You won’t be getting spam from me.
  • While it is not a lesson, it should be noted that I will try to have the posts up for you to read after your newspaper first thing in the morning (coughMOMcough), but I make no guarantees. That’s kinda the point of following the blog. You get notice when there’s a new post.morning paper

Overall, thank you. For reading. For sharing. For stepping out of your technological comfort zone to keep up with my ramblings. The gospel is worthy to be proclaimed everyday, regardless of the numbers or the method, because the Source of the good news is worthy. Period.