The Gospel and Bruno Mars

For years now I’ve expressed frustration over the fact that so many musical artists release Christmas albums, but there are very few Easter albums (if any). The problem with this is that without Easter (Resurrection Day is my preferred terminology), Christmas would just be the celebration of another martyr.

Bruno Mars didn’t release an Easter album, but listen closely to these lyrics. Couldn’t Jesus say much the same about us sometimes… except the part about us ripping the brakes out of His car perhaps?


Do I think Bruno Mars intended to present a gospel message? No.

Do I think God communicates in unusual ways, sometimes? Yes. A burning bush that didn’t burn and a donkey come to mind.

What other unlikely songs would you put on an Easter playlist? I’ll prime the pump by listing some of my own ideas:

  • Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again–Phantom of the Opera
  • My Father’s Eyes–Eric Clapton
  • Fix You–Coldplay
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water–Simon and Garfunkel

Your turn. Yes, you! This could be a fun brainstorming session. Go ahead. Tell me your thoughts.