Denzel and The Gospel

Sometimes Hollywood gets it right… even when they aren’t depicting a historic event like Argo, Zero Dark Thirty or Lincoln. Sometimes they get it right without even realizing the spiritual depth they are reaching.

John Q was nowhere near the caliber of an Academy Award nominated film. The story was driven more by a desire to make a political statement than it was about art. John, played by Denzel Washington, is a father who just wants his son to get the medical attention he needs. The obstacle: insurance won’t pay. Desperate, John takes the emergency room hostage.

All analogies fall short at some point (although if you know me well you know I’ll stretch one to the limits). But the concept of a father who is willing to give his own life in exchange for his son’s is just plain sacrificial. It is gospel.

There is some mild language in this clip, but the message of the scene remains clear. Don’t let it distract you.


Talk to me. In which movies have you seen the gospel illustrated well?

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