How the Gospel Applies to My Emotions

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When I’m tired, His strength is perfect. He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

When my faith is gone, He remains faithful. It is Who He is.

When I don’t understand, He says, “Trust me.”

When I’m lost, He says, “This is the way.

When I’m hungry, He is the Bread of Life.

When I’m in despair, He is the Living Hope.

When I’m lonely, He has never left me.

When I grieve, He is my comfort.

When I fail, His righteousness is my success.

When I’m scared, He hides me under His wings.

When I’m angry, He is my Peace.

When I am hurt, He binds my wounds.

When lies invade my thoughts, He is the Truth.

When I am speechless, He is the Word.

When I don’t have a prayer, He intercedes.

When I am in need, He provides.

When I feel defeated by sin and temptation, He says, “It is finished.

When I can’t, He can.

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