7 thoughts on gun control… and the gospel

Gun control is the hot topic around the country right now. Apparently the Sandy Hook shooting was the straw that broke the camel’s back. As with every other issue in the nation, this one is divisive. I will likely tick off somebody. But if the goal is to apply the gospel to everyday happenings, this counts. Here are my thoughts:

1. According to the Constitution, Americans have the right to bear arms, which is different than having the right to bare arms. Bare arms are not nearly as dangerous as bear arms.

bare arms

2. The authority of Scripture is greater than the authority of the Constitution.

3. The right to bear arms exists so citizens can defend themselves should the government turn on them. That’s a funny thought since the government has access to nuclear weapons and drones. A line has to be drawn somewhere or the unbalanced child of a scientist will nuke the entire city because kids at school were cruel.

4. There is a difference between the weapons used to hunt game and those used to mow down people. Semi-automatic weapons would destroy the game, thereby rendering the potential food obliterated and the head that would be mounted on the wall unrecognizable.


5. More often than not, mental illness is part of shooting incidents like those at Wedgwood, in Aurora, at Virginia Tech and, I believe, at Sandy Hook. Gun control issues are merely addressing the symptom of the larger (and more expensive) issue of mental illness in the US. EDIT: It was brought to my attention that this may have been understood to mean that I think only mentally ill people go on violent rampages. That is not my heart. My goal in presenting this point is that mental illness needs to be addressed and discussed more than it is… whether or not violence is part of the equation. I have friends with mental illness that I feel certain would never snap in the way the shooters I mentioned did. I also know people who are not diagnosed as mentally ill who could snap and I wouldn’t be too surprised.

6. Human laws will not cure human depravity. People will continue to make dumb decisions and break moral codes. We are hopelessly immoral. God’s law did not change that; it simply revealed how bad the situation is. If our sinfulness was not curbed by God’s law, there is no human legislation that will solve the problem completely.

7. The only cure for such depravity is sanctification. I know, I know. Too many big words. (Don’t say you never learn anything on this blog.) Let me see if I can break it down. If depravity is our complete inability to do the right thing all the time regardless of our age, country of birth or religious upbringing, sanctification can be described as the process of God changing our hearts and minds in such a way that we act out our depravity less and less. The long and short of it is that we don’t need new laws near as much as we need a Savior who died to save us from ourselves.

That’s the gospel.

5 thoughts on “7 thoughts on gun control… and the gospel

  1. We were just having a discussion in my OT class about whether or not we have the right to claim rights for ourselves (whether that’s gun rights or any other rights), or if, as Christians, we are only called to protect the rights of others. Sort makes you rethink all of the energy that we Americans spend on making sure no one takes our rights away…

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