Why write this blog?

spiral journal“We need the gospel everyday because we forget the gospel everyday.”

This quote from Martin Luther is the primary reason I’m writing this blog. For too long, too many in the church (myself included) viewed the gospel as the message given in order to “save” someone. While the gospel is the means of salvation, it is valuable everyday of our lives and not just at conversion.

I’m writing this blog as a spiritual discipline for myself and (hopefully) encouragement for all who choose to read it. Welcome. Let’s see how the gospel applies…

2 thoughts on “Why write this blog?

  1. That is one of my favorite Luther quotes. He was ragged on because he was told by his students (I think) that he taught the gospel too much and too often. Remarkable to me is that it can be said, that I too have been in the seat of those students and my lips have declared those words. Only to come to a realization point that if the gospel is true for eternal life it necessarily has to be true for everyday life. The question must be asked of the Christ followers’s self daily– ‘if Jesus died and rose again, what does this mean as I interact and decide to __________” . We MUST live everyday in light of the truth of the gospel if we are to live a life that looks like Jesus’. Coming to that realization was literally life changing for me.

  2. Your countdown couldn’t have been for anything I would enjoy more… hearing your thoughts on the gospel for everyday life. LOVE it! I’ve already followed and I have your blog at the top of my reader. =)

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