Summer Reading Reviews

I’ve slacked off on my reading this summer. The year started off with a bang at a pace of about a book a week. It’s since slowed to the crawl of an illiterate Netflix binger. (I’m neither.) I blame summer… and a new job. That being said, I did read a couple of books mailed […]

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The Gospel for Caregivers

More and more of my friends are arriving at a season of life I entered a decade ago. Unlike other stages of life, people don’t dream of this life stage. Many dread it. It’s not stored in anyone’s hope chest or added to a bucket list. It just happens–sometimes gradually and sometimes all at once–at least […]

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The Art of Work

Jeff Goins is living the dream. He quit his day job to write and speak full time. Sure, I do part of that, but not as much as he does. And to top it off, he’s just a nice guy. I’ve never met him, but I follow him on Twitter. Tweets say a lot about a person. […]

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Abraham and Isaac – Part 1

The story of Abraham and Isaac is like a movie you watch time and again because you notice something new every time. Like all the best stories, it elicits a plethora of emotions. Inspired For years, I viewed this story as inspiration. Abraham obeyed without question and went through all the actions of sacrificing what […]

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Believe Me

  I don’t consider myself a movie critic. When I watch a movie, I do so to be entertained. Rarely do I notice camera angles or special effects. I’m too busy watching the story and waiting to see what happens next. I love to be motivated or inspired (a la 42), to laugh (a la […]

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When God Forgets

As I walked past a construction area, I briefly caught the smell of cut lumber. It immediately transported me back to my childhood. My parents had an addition built on to the first house I ever lived in. Though I only carry a handful of memories from that house, the smell of cut lumber is […]

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